Sketches: ‘Who’s Loving You’ 2.0 [Video]

Q. ‘The Gesture I Make To Say “Enough!” Is __________________.’

Sketches continues. For this month’s track, ‘Who’s Loving You’, we’re shooting a $50 Music Video – and we want you in it, at least in spirit: Post your gesture (description, diagram, link, photo, whatever’s easiest) in the comments, and we’ll work it into the dance for ‘WhosLovinYou’.

Sketch #3: ‘Who’s Loving You’ | Version: 2.0 (demo) | Date: 09.11.2011

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Sketches: Be in the new Ray Mann music video

We want YOU in this month’s Sketches music video, ‘Who’s Loving You’.

In Berlin? Come be a (bad) dancer in the video shoot on Saturday, November 19, 2011 – details here.

Not in Berlin? Help choreograph the dancers – post your gesture for “Enough!” on the ‘Who’s Loving You’ Song Page.

The idea: I’m singing in the middle of a circle of dancing people (i.e. you). The “dance” will be based on gestures suggested by you. The video will be shot in an afternoon (the way we did with ‘Hook Me Up‘) and posted by the end of the month.

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