Video Flashback: Berlin Debut, 2011

October 2011: one of my first-ever performances in Berlin was in a living room full of artists and art lovers from the Melodica Festival I would play the next day. One of them took some footage of me performing “Smile” – which, to my astonishment, spontaneously became a singalong, harmonies and all. That, and folks’ reaction to “that” line, is gorgeous…

Ray Mann - live | Melodica Warmup | Berlin 2011

Video: Ray Mann Interview & Live Performance


I dropped in to East Side Radio, Sydney, to play a couple of live acoustic songs (‘Night With You’, ‘Smile’) and to chat with hosts Nick and James (Neonhearts DJs) about the upcoming ‘Farewell Australia’ show, soon-to-be-released new Ray Mann music, and the grand plan (or lack thereof) for my big move overseas

Plus: here’s the video we talk about of me performing ‘Morena’ live on the show a few months earlier.

Via Neonhearts TV via Ustream