Photos: My building-sized video screening in 48 Stunden, Berlin

48 Stunden Neukölln is an annual event when, for one weekend, Berlin’s art district is transformed into a suburb-sized art gallery. Streets are filled with people exploring spaces filled with weird and wonderful creative endeavours. Amidst the events, my music videos were projected onto the side of a building – my biggest screen yet! Hope the neighbours had eyemasks…

Ray Mann | Video Screening | 48 Stunden Neukoelln Berlin

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Gigs, Oct 2012: DJ sets + Concerts + Album Screenings (!) in Berlin

I’m planning a Sketches Album party in October. But instead of a listening party, or a live concert, I’m going to throw a party at Kreuzberg’s legendary Filmkunstbar and screen all the videos (both released and never-before-seen) as a complete album… It’s just one of the events I’m cramming in before my visit to Australia in November for a possible Sketches album release tour…

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Video: ‘Wannado’ at VideoBites festival, Berlin

The 5th instalment in The Sketches Project, ‘Wannado’, was voted among the top entries in the 7th VideoBites event, “I Love Sunshine”.

VideoBites is presented by online video art collectives and Abteilung für Alles Mögliche (Department for Everything Else). This is the second time a Sketch has been selected for screening in Berlin, after ‘Who’s Loving You’ made its big-screen debut at AGORA back in March.

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