News: Recent Collaborations

Being both a visual and a musical artist, my collaborations with other artists can turn out to be anything – music, photography, design – or, as in this case, video.

Fellow Berlin-based Aussie expat musician Mez Medallion asked me to shoot a live show of his, and then cut it together as a short live teaser. Here’s how it turned out:


Another recent collaboration was with another former-Melbournian-now-fellow-Berliner PHIA. She asked me to take some new promo shots of her, featuring some of her toys – check out all the photos here.

PHIA by Ray Mann


Back in January, hot off the heels of The Ray Mann Three’s Australian Sketches Album Tour, I was asked to create a teaser video as part of Brisbane powerhouse MKO‘s Scribs series:

. . .

Ray Mann X Mez Medallion

Photos: stills from ‘Hold Onto Me’ video shoot

‘Hold Onto Me’, May’s embattled and overdue instalment of The Sketches Project, is finally gathering some steam – thanks largely to the return of a familiar Sketches face and collaborator.

Here are some stills from the video shoot-in-progress, featuring Daniela Rastloß (who also starred in the ‘Wannado’ Sketch).

You can join in the process – visit the ‘Hold Onto Me’ song page

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Photo: Ray Mann live in Magdeburg, Germany

26.08.11 ~ Me Gusta La Musica festival in Moritzhof, Madgeburg. The trip went like this: Car share into town > afternoon tea with local family > festival with lovely people and salsa band > me: outdoors on a balmy summer’s evening > awesome German grill supper > stay with a bunch of gorgeous locals who lived in different apartments in the same building (like ‘Friends’ but in Germany) > massive breakfast spread put on by said kids > car share back to Berlin. My life could SO be about all this food / people / music cycle…