Sketches: new album out today in Japan

Japan, as we all know, is ahead of the world in many ways – and from today, in one more. Sketches, the long-awaited second album from The Ray Mann Three, is released today through Japanese label P-Vine, and is available on CD or in mp3 format.

The rest of the world will have to wait until September 18 for their Sketches album goodness – but you can pre-order the album if you’re on our email list


The Sketches Project | What is Sketches?


Gigs: Ray Mann DJ Set – ‘To Japan, Love from Sydney’

UPDATE 21.04.11 ~ Listen to the entire DJ set here.

Amidst packing my bags for o/s (haven’t left just yet – still recording the new EPs), I’m sneaking in a cheeky DJ set.

I’m gonna give one last spin to all the records given to me by the bands The Ray Mann Three met and played with in Japan at Greenroom Festival 2010, as well as a few other Japan-inspired things too…

Once again, I’m gonna try to tweet the playlist as I go – crazy! Follow the chicanery on my Twitter.

This gig is free – donate to Japan.

Event details:
What: Ray Mann DJ set – ‘To Japan, Love from Sydney’
Where: Cafe Lounge, 277 Goulburn Street, Sydney
When: Tue 19 April, 8-10pm Sydney Time (find out when that is in your time zone)