Sketches: ‘Hold Onto Me’ 3.0 [Video]

Sketch #8 | Hold Onto Me’ | May-June 2012 | Buy on iTunes | See the process

It took a little longer than expected, but the latest (and possibly most ambitious) song+video in The Sketches Project, ‘Hold Onto Me’, is finally complete. Big big BIG thanks to all of you who Sketched With Us on this one.

This song is now available on the just-released ‘Sketches’ vol. 3 EP on iTunes, together with last month’s Sketch ‘Sometimes’ and the next and final Sketch, ‘So Long Farewell’, which we begin Sketching soon…


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Photos: stills from ‘Hold Onto Me’ video shoot

‘Hold Onto Me’, May’s embattled and overdue instalment of The Sketches Project, is finally gathering some steam – thanks largely to the return of a familiar Sketches face and collaborator.

Here are some stills from the video shoot-in-progress, featuring Daniela Rastloß (who also starred in the ‘Wannado’ Sketch).

You can join in the process – visit the ‘Hold Onto Me’ song page

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