Sketches: new album out today in Japan

Japan, as we all know, is ahead of the world in many ways – and from today, in one more. Sketches, the long-awaited second album from The Ray Mann Three, is released today through Japanese label P-Vine, and is available on CD or in mp3 format.

The rest of the world will have to wait until September 18 for their Sketches album goodness – but you can pre-order the album if you’re on our email list


The Sketches Project | What is Sketches?


Review: “The Ray Mann Three” album (2008)

The Ray Mann Three is the perfect summer album. The album is a stellar debut from former Kid Confucius guitarist Ray Mann. Ditching Kid Confucius’ hip hop stylings, Mann oozes sex appeal with his mix of soul and funk. This album easily deserves a four star salute. Four stars

Eleven Magazine Sydney, 27.01.09