Video: The ‘Sketches’ Project Ends – the ‘Sketches’ album begins.

Q. ‘Where would you escape to?’
Sketch #9: ‘Hold Onto Me’ | Version: 3.0 (final) | Date: 06.08.2012 

The 9th and final instalment of The Sketches Project is now complete! Thanks to all of you who Sketched With Us, not just on this one but over the past 12 months. Though this is the end of the Project, the next event is about to begin: The Sketches album is coming soon

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Sketches: ‘Hold Onto Me’ 3.0 [Video]

Sketch #8 | Hold Onto Me’ | May-June 2012 | Buy on iTunes | See the process

It took a little longer than expected, but the latest (and possibly most ambitious) song+video in The Sketches Project, ‘Hold Onto Me’, is finally complete. Big big BIG thanks to all of you who Sketched With Us on this one.

This song is now available on the just-released ‘Sketches’ vol. 3 EP on iTunes, together with last month’s Sketch ‘Sometimes’ and the next and final Sketch, ‘So Long Farewell’, which we begin Sketching soon…


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Sketches: ‘Sometimes’ 3.0 [Video]

Q. ‘What’s one thing you could hit somebody with?’

Thanks to everyone who hit me for this month’s Sketches music video – your responses were great, I had plenty to work with. I’m a little afraid to perform this one live now…

You can also check out the process on the ‘Sometimes’ song page.

Next Sketch begins next month – hope you’ll Sketch With Us.

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