Video Flashback: Berlin Debut, 2011

October 2011: one of my first-ever performances in Berlin was in a living room full of artists and art lovers from the Melodica Festival I would play the next day. One of them took some footage of me performing “Smile” – which, to my astonishment, spontaneously became a singalong, harmonies and all. That, and folks’ reaction to “that” line, is gorgeous…

Ray Mann - live | Melodica Warmup | Berlin 2011

Sketches #4: ‘Bleeding’ Begins Today [Video]

Q. ‘One thing in 2011 I’m saying “Goodbye” to is…’

Sketches Round 4 begins today. Tell us one thing  you’re saying “Goodbye” to as this year ends (description, diagram, link, photo, whatever you like) in the ‘Bleeding’ song page comments and help shape the ‘Bleeding’ music video.

Sketch #4: ‘Bleeding’
Version: 1.0 (voice memo) | Date: 05.12.2011

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