Sketches #4: ‘Bleeding’ Begins Today [Video]

Q. ‘One thing in 2011 I’m saying “Goodbye” to is…’

Sketches Round 4 begins today. Tell us one thing  you’re saying “Goodbye” to as this year ends (description, diagram, link, photo, whatever you like) in the ‘Bleeding’ song page comments and help shape the ‘Bleeding’ music video.

Sketch #4: ‘Bleeding’
Version: 1.0 (voice memo) | Date: 05.12.2011

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Sketches: #3 ‘Who’s Loving You’ begins today – dance with us

Q. ‘The Gesture I Make To Say “Enough!” Is…’

Sketches Round 3 begins today – and we need your help with the choreography. Post your gesture (description, diagram, link, photo, whatever’s easiest) in the ‘Who’s Loving You’ song page comments, and we’ll work it into the dance for ‘WhosLovinYou’.

Sketch #3: ‘Who’s Loving You’
Version: 1.0 (Q only, no audio) | Date: 03.11.2011

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