Sketch #6: Soapbox

Q: “What’s your favourite way to blow off steam?”

Version: 3.0 | Date: 30.09.2013 | CD | iTunes
We’re looking for an animator to help complete this video
‘Soapbox’ stems | Tempo: 95bpm | Key: F#m
Version: 2.0 | Date: 01.04.2012
Version: 1.0 (laptop demo) | Date: 15.03.2012
Ray Mann introduces ‘Soapbox’ [via The AU Review]

The Ray Mann Three ~ ‘Soapbox’ | Ray Mann: vocals, guitars, percussion | Joel Burton: bass | Grant Gerathy: drums
Recorded by Russell Pilling at Damien Gerard Studios, Sydney
Additional recording by Ray Mann at Ori Studios, Berlin
Mixed by Shane Edwards at Electric Sun Studios, Sydney
Mastered by Andrew Edgson at Studios 301, Sydney

Thankya “Soapbox” contributors: Nick Filsell | Heidi de Boer | Rob Ichlov | Kitty Clementine | Peta Ridley

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