Sketch #4: ‘Bleeding’

Q: “One thing in 2011 I’m saying ‘Goodbye’ to is _____________.”

Version: 3.0 (final) | Date: 29.12.2011 | CD | iTunes
‘Bleeding’ stems | Tempo: 130bpm | Key: A
Version: 2.0 (instrumental) | Date: 19.12.2011
Featuring things you have said ‘Goodbye’ to
Version: 1.0 (voice memo) | Date: 05.12.2011
I had to chuck out a lot of stuff before moving from Sydney to Berlin. One thing was my old music collection…

Original blurb: As this month’s Sketches song + video ‘Bleeding’ develops over December, tell us one thing about 2011 that you’re saying ‘Goodbye’ to.

You can also Sketch by Remix: download the ‘Bleeding’ stems for free.

Ray Mann introduces ‘Bleeding’ [via The AU Review]

The Ray Mann Three ~ ‘Bleeding’ | Ray Mann: vocals, guitars, percussion | Joel Burton: bass | Grant Gerathy: drums
Recorded by Russell Pilling at Damien Gerard Studios, Sydney
Additional recording by Ray Mann at Ori Studios, Berlin
Mixed by Shane Edwards at Electric Sun Studios, Sydney
Mastered by Andrew Edgson at Studios 301, Sydney

Thanks for yr “Goodbye” things: Julia Rintz | Nick Gibbs | Tom Philipson | Cassie Isabella Perente | Heidi Elva | Lily Mae Martin | Peta Ridley | and Michael Leyton as the guy in the video who isn’t Ray.

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  1. I just came from your show in Sydney.. I am still in awe of how awesome you sound live!

    Please keep doing what you do, and I really REALLY do hope that you make it big!

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