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Sketches: A new FREE song + video every month, from demo to finito, featuring You.

Originally posted: September 3, 2011

Each month I pose a new question about ‘Change‘. I post my initial, raw musical + visual response (my ‘Sketch’), and then develop it into a finished song + video by the end of that month. You can watch each new song + video evolve over the course of each month – or you can join in.

1. New Song + Video Every Month – Free.
Each ‘Sketch’ is audio AND visual. On day Three of each month, a new song by The Ray Mann Three will be released on Vimeo, streaming for free; it may be finished, or unfinished. The accompanying video might be anything: a drawing, a photograph, a $50 music video, who knows? Both audio and visual will be a work-in-progress, and will change throughout that month, maybe only a little, maybe a lot – a “sketch” being developed right before your ears and eyes.

2. My Ideas + Ray’s Music = Sketches
Got an idea for how the song should look? Send me a sketch of your own: a visual response to each song, and I’ll use it as the “video” for that song – remember, it doesn’t need to be a video; any visual thing that can be emailed or uploaded. Or, if you’re more audio-inclined, you can remix the song – “sketch” music of your own using elements of mine (stems will be available for download once each song is ‘completed’).

3. What are these Sketches about?
Each song + video is a different idea about or response to Change, and each song will be accompanied by a question about change (eg. “What’s something you can do now that you couldn’t do 5 years ago?”) – and your response can be something visual or musical. Anything goes.

ps. Sketches is not an Album
… but it might be one day. In the meantime, it’s an experiment in releasing music, making art, and connection between me and you. I’ll be working this out as I go along, and I hope to work this out with you – like a Q & A where we both suggest answers.

Sketch With Us

  • ~ all info and latest updates will be right here
  • Facebook ~ Post your sketch on the wall, or in the comments for the song post
  • Twitter ~ tweet at me @RayMann with your comment / link, the song title, and the hashtag #Sketches
  • Tumblr ~ the archive of the entire Sketches project. Comment, post, ask questions.
  • Vimeo ~ where each new song and question will be posted, beginning on day 3 of every month. The audio and/or video will change in some way after each song is released, so keep checking back to see how each Sketch is progressing.

Looking forward to seeing where our Sketches take us…