Éclat Crew

Éclat Isolation Sessions

Ray Mann is behind the camera, as his channel Shenanz TV teams up with Éclat Crew and Musicboard Berlin, for this live stream series of performances from female* / trans / non-binary electronic music producers.

Season 2 /// 27-30 Dec 2020

New episodes Dec 27-30, 2020 – 9pm CET

Éclat Crew is a music-making collective for female*, trans and non-binary electronic music producers. Each episode of Éclat Isolation Sessions features a live performance, captured and streamed by Ray (Ori Moto / Shenanz TV) and is produced by Ivy Rossiter (founder, Éclat Crew).

Éclat Iso Sessions 2.1 /// Alex Rapp:

Directed & edited by Raymond Wassef
Production design by Alex Rapp & Vasilis Malamas
Cameras: Nadin Heinke & Raymond Wassef
Produced by Ivy Rossiter (Éclat Crew)

Éclat Iso Sessions 2.2 /// Doll Face:

Directed by Doll Face
Production supervisor: Raymond Wassef

Éclat Iso Sessions 2.3 /// a multitude of everything:

Directed, shot & edited by Raymond Wassef
Visuals: ‘Random Skies’ by a multitude of everything

Éclat Iso Sessions 2.4 /// Partefacts:

Directed & edited by Raymond Wassef
Stage & costume design by Partefacts
Lighting design by Toby K
Cameras: Nadin Heinke & Raymond Wassef

Season 1

All episodes directed, shot, edited and streamed by Raymond Wassef (aka Ray Mann / Ori Moto)


Éclat Iso Sessions 1.1 /// Lazy Rosario:

Éclat Iso Sessions 1.2 /// uon:

Éclat Iso Sessions 1.3 /// Joa Luna:

Éclat Iso Sessions 1.4 /// Spherical Aberration:

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