Art Gallery

Musician and visual artist Ray Mann creates all the graphics and videos and that accompany his music.

→ Ray Mann: Art Gallery
The complete set of gig poster art 2005-2010.

→ $50 Music videos
As featured on ‘Rage’ (Australia) and ‘Billboard Top 40’ (Japan)

→ Ray Mann: #ArtBlog
An online retrospective of Ray Mann-designed gig poster art, flyers, web splash pages, and a lot of behind-the-scenes reminiscing, going back to the band’s first show in 2005 til today. New post every Tuesday.

Enter the Ray Mann: Art Gallery

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  1. Saw Ray play support Tori Amos in Canberra last night and enjoyed him so much I had to look up the band. Will definitely look for you guys. When are you coming to Canberra? 🙂

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