Video: Ray Mann sings for Smarties


Ray Mann takes the ideas of one energetic, quirky kid, and turns them into a song for this webisode of the “Smarties: 8 Colours of Fun” promotion.

The folks at Smarties describe the project thusly:

8 Children teamed with 8 Artists to create 8 Works of Art inspired by 8 Colours of Smarties®.

Join us on this colourful journey of expression and imagination as Smarties® takes you behind the scenes of collaborative projects between creative adults and imaginative kids. In this video we see the colour blue being expressed in song.

Follow the fun at


Update (22 September 2010):

As we’d hoped, the good folks at Smarties have released more footage of the kid – watch video


Update (3 March 2011):

The folks at Smarties have now also made a music video to accompany the track – watch video


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