Screening: ‘Sketches’ music video at ‘KRAUTFILM’, Berlin

My music video ‘Hold Onto Me’ will be screened as part of the KRAUTFILM event in Berlin. Coincidentally, the venue for the night was also the location where we shot the video’s party scene…

‘KRAUTFILM: Internet Killed The Video Star’ is a music video screening night at Alte Kantine Wedding, a venue styled upon the classic high school cafeteria aesthetic, though less “American movie”- and more “Authentic East Berlin”-stylee.

The venue captured our imagination while scouting locations for the ‘Hold Onto Me’ music video shoot back in 2012 with its star and my collaborator, Daniela Rastlos. Now the curators of the festival have invited us back to the (literal) scene to showcase our finished product, which was part of the new-song-and-music-video-every-month series, The Sketches Project.

This screening will be meta.

Event Details:
What: KRAUTFILM: Internet Killed The Video Star
When: Thursday 31 October 2013, from 20h
Where: Alte Kantine Wedding, Uferstrasse 8-11, 13357 Berlin

You can also watch the music video below, and check out behind-the-scenes stills (many of them in Alte Kantine) on the Hold Onto Me video page.

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