Photos: Behind the Scenes of the new ‘Sketches’ Video

Ray Mann | Soapbox | Video ProcessA happy-snap of me finally returning to complete the one unfinished music video from The Sketches Project…

If you were following The Sketches Project, you may have noticed that each video I produced (mostly all by my lonesome) went through three iterations – versions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 – which I shared with you, the audience, inviting your creative input and direction. ‘Soapbox’, sadly, never made it past 2.0, due to illness and the grueling Sketches schedule (you can view that whole process here).

The Sketches Project, an innovative online collaboration between artist and audience, ran for twelve months and resulted in a series of music videos (one or two of which earned award nominations), as well as an entire album, Sketches.


Here’s me talking about the derailed ‘Soapbox’ process last year to The AU Review:


And here’s where we last left ‘Soapbox’ (version 2.0):

‘Soapbox’ 3.0 coming soon.

The Ray Mann Three is playing festival dates in Australia in November and December – full dates and details on the Tour page.

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