News: Bye Bye Byron & Other News

The Ray Mann Three officially bids a fond farewell to longtime bassist Byron Luiters, who is now playing with John Butler Trio.

Byron first joined The Ray Mann Three in 2007. He performed on debut album The Ray Mann Three (2008) and performed extensively with the band, from the first national headline tour in 2008 to shows on the band’s national tour support for Rev Al Green in 2010. He also appeared in The Ray Mann Three’s Australian ABC TV special Live At The Basement.

As folks worldwide are now aware, longtime tRM3 bassist Byron Luiters has become the official bassist in JBT since joining in 2009. As excited as we’ve been for B, unfortunately it’s meant that he’s now had to officially let go of The Ray Mann Three. We wish him all the best in his adventures with JBT – and one last time, in B’s own words: “Cop it! Awwwwwrrrr!”

In the meantime, we’ve had not one but two amazing bass players join us on stage and in the studio: Adam Ventoura, who joined us onstage for Al Green and in Japan; and Joel Burton, who’s been in the studio with us as we work on new music.

More on the new music, and upcoming shows, real soon!

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  1. Really looking forward to hearing a new album (hopeful!!) It would be great if you could come to Tasmania and play some time. Thanks for all the joy and contentment your music has brought to my life, Cheers Erica

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