Listen: ‘Sometimes’ (Schuftronic’s Sugar Ray Mix)

This remix in Skratches: The Sketches Remix Project comes via Schuftronic, whose mix pits Sketches track Sometimes amidst a sea of elements including Walter Benjamin, Anthony Kiedis, Fiona Apple, and just, y’know, the philosophy of history.

Schuftronic (a.k.a. golden-baritone-voiced radio presenter, author and sound artist Craig Schuftan) prefaces his contribution to the “Raydiophonic Workshop” thusly:

I was thinking of calling it ‘Jetztzeit‘, since the remix was partly inspired by the paragraph below, and it’s a nice flip of the original title (some times / now time). But I think it’s probably a mistake to give it a name that I have trouble pronouncing.

“History is the subject of a structure whose site is not homogenous, empty time, but time filled by the presence of the now. [Jetztzeit].* Thus, to Robespierre ancient Rome was a past charged with the time of the now which he blasted out of the continuum of history. The French Revolution viewed itself as Rome incarnate. It evoked ancient Rome the way fashion evokes costumes of the past. Fashion has a flair for the topical, no matter where it stirs in the thickets of long ago; it is a tiger’s leap into the past. This jump, however, takes place in an arena where the ruling class give the commands. The same leap in the open air of history is the dialectical one, which is how Marx understood the revolution.” (W. Benjamin)

“Never been a better time than right now.” (A. Kiedis)

. . .

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