Video: Ray Mann: Multimedia Shows (solo), Sydney ~ June 2010

Watch the complete trio of Ray Mann: Multimedia Shows performed by Ray in solo mode, with special guests, during the month of June 2010.

Courtesy of Neonhearts TV:

We were recently blessed with the presence and creative genius that is Ray Mann who curated three weeks worth of Sin-e nights with support artists selected by Ray himself. Each preparing visuals to accompany their live performance. Over the three weeks we saw Lucy Hall, Aidan Roberts of the Maple Trail and Lanie Lane join him with some simply moving sets. As always we recorded them all!

Ray Mann (solo): Multimedia Show ~ 1 of 3
08 June 2010 ~ special guest: Lucy Hall



Ray Mann (solo): Multimedia Show ~ 2 of 3
15 June 2010 ~ special guest: Aidan Roberts (Maple Trail)



Ray Mann (solo): Multimedia Show ~ 3 of 3
22 June 2010 ~ special guest: Lanie Lane

Source: Neonhearts TV

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