Ray Mann: Art Exhibition

Ray makes his debut into the art world with the first-ever Ray Mann: Art Exhibition. View Photos.

Over the past four years, Sydney artist Raymond Wassef, a.k.a. Ray Mann, has been making music and art with soul band The Ray Mann Three. His debut into the art world is a retrospective of the gig posters, eflyers, motion graphics and music videos he has produced, presented by Somedays Gallery in Sydney.

Inspired by 1950s music and film, and characterized by the same minimalist, low-fi aesthetic as his band’s music, Ray’s sketches, photography and design retain their original hand-generated warmth right through to the digital finish.

Until now, Ray’s band-related art has only ever been viewed on computer or TV screens, or when projected during the band’s live shows. This exhibition at Somedays marks the first occasion that the physical works will be presented as a series in their own right.

The gallery is located across the road from The Hopetoun, where The Ray Mann Three will be playing a show on 26 September to celebrate the exhibition – see gig details.

For more info about the gallery, visit Somedays Gallery + Store

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