Blog 1209: Australian ‘Sketches’ Tour ~ 5

Photo by Clare Armitage

Our final Australian show for who-knows-how-long is in Melbourne, at the end of a week of sun and spending. I’mma just get this out of the way: Berlin Euros don’t go very far outside of Berlin. And Australia’s become an even more expensive place since I left…

Melbourne was my Berlin before I actually moved to Berlin – atmosphere, architecture and attitude that I always felt at home amongst, even on quick visits. So I made sure that on this, my last visit to Australia indefinitely, I’d book in some time to spend in Melbourne ahead of our tour date. And even visiting from Berlin-Berlin, after my few days in town, suffice it to say: if I move back to Australia, it will be to Melbourne.

In between beers with friends, and complaining about the price of said beers with said friends, I did a few local radio in-studio “appearances” and managed to shoot a new Sketches video (stay tuned for that one…).

The rest of RM3, Ross and Joel, are getting into town late – flights twice delayed – which will make setup and sound check before tonight’s show tricky… I’m trying not to stress about that when there’s so much to look forward to tonight: support sets from local bands The Harlots and Private Life, with our glue-between-sets via some typically dope selections from DJ MzRizk… then our after party with the visiting Red Bull Do-Over cats… wuh.

Let you know how it all went soon,

R x


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