News: ‘Sketches’ track ‘Wannado’ in the Amrap’s Airit Top 10

Sketches track ‘Wannado’ is one of the ‘The Top Ten Tracks Most Ordered For Airplay’ on Australian community radio, nation-wide. And what company we’re in: PVT, Tuka, Oceanics… we’re excited.

But for us, this news is bittersweet…

Amrap itself is currently facing severe cuts to its funding from the government. If you’re not aware: Amrap’s AirIt is community radio’s Australian music catalogue and distribution service, getting music by independent and unsigned acts to over 300 community radio stations around Australia. Amrap is instrumental in helping emerging Australian music find its audience.

In the case of The Ray Mann Three, all our touring and achievements began with me taking the first RM3 promo CDs to Amrap years ago – and we, as well as thousands of other Australian musicians, continue to rely on Amrap to help get our music out there, to this day.

So: if you’re a creator or lover of independent Australian music, support Amrap’s campaign to stay funded and stay alive – visit the Amrap website or add your voice to their Facebook campaign.

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