Blog 1207: Australian ‘Sketches’ Tour ~ 3

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Thankya Sydney. What a turnout! What finger-pointing! What a “homecoming”… and what a way to break my own rule.

The night was bookended by finger-pointing, courtesy of Briscoe. frontman (and, not coincidentally, original RM3 drummer) Bart Denaro. There was finger-pointing over our rushed pre-show sushi-train dinner; and towards the end of RM3’s set, there was Bart again, in the audience, taking the crowd to finger-pointing (and booty-grinding) school.

During their own set, Briscoe. celebrated their Sydney album launch with thunder-punch after thunder-punch of guitar pop goodness. The lovely kids from The Khanz kicked off their catchy-as-all-hell set with a wicked cover of ‘Crazy’, and proceeded to basically own it… so good.

In our set (which featured a particularly on-fire Ross Ferraro on drums and Joel Burton on bass), I broke my own decade-long rule: I told the loud talkers in the audience to be quiet. As I said onstage, maybe Berlin’s uber-attentive audiences have made me soft. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to drop ‘Smile’ and ‘Opa Opa’ – and I’m hoping nobody thinks it was because I was annoyed, or that we don’t play them anymore… It was either that or spend a little time meeting and chatting to the lovely folks in the audience who came down and made the night otherwise super-enjoyable.

Many thanks to DJs Nick La Rosa and MrChad, the glue of the night playing such great eclectica in between band sets. And to everyone at OAF for hosting us so professionally and luxuriously.

I’mma get some sun between now and the final leg of the tour: Melbourne on Dec 5th. See you there, Melbites!

R x

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