Blog 1206: Australian ‘Sketches’ Tour ~ 2

The sine-wave of this tour has gone thusly: from undersold, to sold out, to cancelled, to who-knows-what’s-next…

After an underwhelming Brisbane turnout, we had a great night with our sell-out crowd in Grafton. After our show in the gorgeous old theatre (whose wings were still full of old costumes and props), we celebrated with new friends well into the night.

It was the one date of the tour where original “Opa Opa” tour drummer, Grant Gerathy, joined myself and bassist Joel Burton (the rest of the tour is with Joel and drummer Ross Ferraro) – so I got to spend a couple of days with G in his hometown of Byron Bay (and swim in the ocean for the first time in two years! Wuh).

Photo: Glen McClymont

Today, I was told that the Katoomba show has been cancelled (by the venue, not by us). Many apologies to folks who were planning on going, it’s beyond my control – and me and the guys are not going to fight to play a show the venue doesn’t support.

This Aussie visit is proving that I really am not home here anymore. I’m not a local, but I’m not an “international act” either – so response to this tour (not just from audiences, but from media and other gatekeepers) seems to be falling through the cracks…

Tomorrow is a bunch of promo activity (including on-air performances on radio stations FBi and 702) ahead of our “homecoming” Sydney show on Saturday, and our finale in Melbourne the week after next.

The Sketches Album Tour goes around Australia in November & December – check out dates & details

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