Blog 1205: Australian ‘Sketches’ Tour ~ 1


I’m above the clouds between Sydney and Brisbane on the first day of my final Australian tour for who-knows-how-long…

On the ground below, a wind tunnel schedule of activity with no room even to draw breath awaits me:

Hire van > pick up gear > radio live performance > internet tv appearance > pick up everyone else from airport (my band and our support band from Sydney, Briscoe) > pick up more gear > check in > bump in > mmmaybe eat > play.

I’m excited for the sun and friends and family I’ve missed living in Berlin, and I’m a little emotional because, depending on the success of this tour, it may be a while before I see any of them again.

I try to push that idea to the back of my head, and hope it’ll stay there at least until after the tour’s done. I want this to be good, and there’ll be a lot to enjoy: I’m surrounded by good people; I’m about to reconnect with more good people; and I’ll be connecting with others for the first time. This is the stuff I love.

It begins today.

The Sketches Album Tour goes around Australia in November & December – check out dates & details

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