Events: ‘Sketches’ Album Screening Party, Berlin

The Sketches Album Screening Party – just one of the events I’m cramming in before my visit to Australia in November for a possible Sketches album release tour…

To celebrate the release of The Ray Mann Three’s second album, Sketches, you are invited not only to listen to, but to watch the album. And party. Oh yes – aaand party.

Over the last 12 months, Sydney-born, Berlin-based artist Ray Mann has been creating new music and video art as part of The Sketches Project.

Tonight is not a live concert, or an album listening night – for this one-off event, the complete Sketches album will be projected onto the big screen. In a bar. But not just any bar – Kreuzberg’s legendary movie / art / music bar called, funnily enough, Filmkunstbar.

The Sketches Album Screening Party includes the nine music videos created during the online Sketches audience collaboration, together with new, previously unseen video art – an album’s worth of music video, all created by the one artist. And partying, of course – did we mention that?

Event Details
What: Sketches Album Screening Party
Where: Filmkunstbar, Berlin-Kreuzberg [map]
When: Wednesday 24 October ~ 21h
Cost: FREE

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