News: ‘Sketches’ album out today!

From today, the new album from The Ray Mann Three, Sketches, is now available worldwide through MGM on CD and iTunes, and in Japan through P-Vine.

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The Ray Mann Three ~ Sketches

Four years after the release of debut album The Ray Mann Three, and twelve months after beginning his innovative audience collaboration series, The Sketches Project, musician and visual artist Ray Mann follows up his getting-it-on album with a break-up record.

Produced between Sydney and Berlin (where Ray relocated to in mid-2011), Sketches marks a progression in the sound and the concept established with The Ray Mann Three. While Ray continues to pioneer a unique, low-fi take on soul-influenced music, Sketches builds on the sparse, minimal, organic sound of its predecessor, with more upbeat tracks and a broader palette of sounds: multi-layered vocals, pounding percussion, psychedelic guitars and a peppering of synthesizers set the musical scene for a collection of personal songs about change – change without, and change within.

The 15-track Sketches album features the nine songs released online as part of The Sketches Project (in Sketches EPs volumes 1, 2 and 3) together with new, previously unreleased tracks.

Sketches track listing:
01 Move / 02 Wannado / 03 Babylon / 04 Showya / 05 Who’s Loving You / 06 Domino 1.0 / 07 Hold Onto Me / 08 Sometimes / 09 Donita / 10 Domino 2.0 / 11 Soapbox / 12 Try / 13 Bleeding / 14 Adieu / 15 So Long Farewell


The Sketches Project | What is Sketches?


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