Photos: The Ray Mann Time Capsule

Image courtesy of @theotherjo and @VyvyanH

It’s a little-known fact that The Ray Mann Three was the last band to perform at Sydney’s old iconic venue, The Hopetoun. Hell, it was little known to us at the time either. We were as surprised as anybody when, the following Monday, the venue was very suddenly boarded up and closed indefinitely…

I’ve blogged about that night previously, but there are a couple of other things that strike me about this photo that are probably of interest only to me, and with the kind of chuckling insight that comes with hindsight, a.k.a. the Where Are They Now / Back To The Future / Time Capsule paradigm:

  • our support acts that night went on to become much bigger than us: Chris Arnott, a singer-songwriter then, is now a successful electronic music producer; and Lanie Lane (who was opening), is now… well, if you ain’t heard of Lanie, you ain’t into music.
  • Sherlocks Daughter (who invited me to sing with them at one of their earlier Hoey shows) went to New York City, and… that story, I guess, is for them to tell.
  • Dusker, in an alternate configuration, is also Briscoe, the new project of former RM3 drummer Bart Denaro, and our support act at the Sydney show of the Sketches So Far Tour show earlier in 2012…

… Meeeeemreeeeeeez…

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