News: The ‘Sketches’ Project Ends

The next Sketch, “So Long Farewell”, will be the 9th and final song+video in the Sketches series – but the Project ain’t over…

The Sketches Project began in September 2011. Each month (or so) since then, I’ve created a new song+video, inviting folks to view and contribute to the process. It’s produced a bunch of music, videos, art and live shows. ‘So Long…’ signals the end of the “new song+video per month” aspect of the project, but Sketches ain’t done yet.

I originally hinted that there’d be 12 instalments all up, but I want to save some unreleased stuff for the next phase of the Project: the upcoming Sketches album (plus I’m super-tired – this DIY caper’s a tough one!).

So I hope you’ll Sketch With Us one last time by telling us:

“What’s one thing you’re taking with you?”

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