Blog 1201: Ray Mann’s “One Song” of 2011

As the year was winding up, wonderful music blog One A Day – which I’ve guest-contributed to once or twice – asked me, and a bunch of other Aussie musicians, to choose our “One Song” of 2011 and say a few words about it.

Here’s my bit:

Beyoncé – ‘Countdown’

I’m not ashamed to admit it was the music video that got me. Ah, Beyoncé – how do you exist? You look like that, sing like that, move like that, and write like that. I’m in all the kinds of heady love with you that “Countdown” whips through in three minutes: from devotion worthy of a fanfare to lust best conveyed through booty-bounce, all wrapped up in cheeky Caribbean and Doo-Wop flavours. It’s almost as impressive as that video: so many ideas crammed in there, and any one of them could have been an entire video on its own, all featuring your “just-about-to-announce-I’m-preggers” amazingness. The most varied and plentiful eye- and ear-candy this side of Christmas.

You can check out my and the other artists’ picks here.

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