Blog 1105: What is ‘Sketches’? (1.0)

Sketches is the title of the new project I am working on. But what is it? And how will it involve you?

A short prerequisite reader of things to come in the art and music of Ray Mann and The Ray Mann Three.

Change can be huge. It can be exciting or frightening, sudden or slow. It can show us things we take for granted, or possibilities we’d never imagined.

Big changes have happened for me over the last 12 months or so. Most obviously: working on new music, in ways that are new for me, and relocating from Sydney to Berlin. Doing both at the same time has had a profound effect on me, and on the way I think about what I do and what it means to others.

While I’m still processing all the changes happening in my life, I find that sketching (which includes drawing, photography, songwriting, jotting ideas down, blogs, tweets, links, whatever), rather than providing “answers”, is simply a way to observe and deal with things that feel… bigger than me.

So I want your help to explore some ideas about “change”.

So: Sketches. New music? Yes, that’s a big part of it – but there’ll be more to it than that. Sketches is a process that will be ongoing – and, rather than delay things by trying to produce a finished product on my own (like giving “answers” I don’t have yet), I’ll instead be inviting you to collaborate with me on something experimental that could be far more interesting…

So grab your pen & paper / camera / phone / keyboard / whatever, and be ready to sketch with me.

More soon,


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