News: Bound for Berlin Today

I’m getting on a plane today and heading to… Berlin!

I’ll be based in that amazing city for the next little while, but I’ll still be right here at Regardless of where my body may be, the show goes on. Here’s what’s in store…

There’s new music in the works for a series of digital releases entitled Sketches. You can hang out in the studio with me and the various folks involved – there’s regular photo, video and Twitter updates.

There’s also the Ray Mann: Art Blog – new words about old art, every Tuesday. (Please note – the Ray Mann: Art Store will be offline until I’ve set up shop, so to speak, in Deutschland.)

Aaaand: video from the Farewell Australia Sydney show will finally be up, very soon.

I’m literally writing this out front of my soon-to-be ex-house, as the cleaners apply pungent chemicals to the scuff marks of guitars and gig rugs… So I’ll try to add more to this post, or at least pretty it up a bit, before I get on that plane tonight…


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