Listen: Ray Mann’s All-Japan DJ set

Listen to my entire DJ set from a few nights ago in Sydney, featuring tracks from records given to me by the musicians I met and played with at Greenroom Festival 2010 in Japan (and some cheeky Japan-themed extras in there too).

Dedicated to all my friends in Japan. Stay safe everyone! Much love – R

Mabanua ‘Peace In My Mind’
45 feat. Bulljun ‘Another Place’
laidbook ‘I Love Music’
Ovall feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant ‘Mind Games (Done)’
Ovall feat Ol’k ‘We Been’
Thirdiq ‘A Kind of Nocturne’
45 aka SWING-O ‘Mysterious Journey’
45 feat. Youngs ‘Fagettaboutit’
Mount Mocha Kilimanjaro ‘A Woman Changed My Life’
Mabanua feat. Kev Brown ‘Holdin It Down’
Mabanua ‘Dream About You’
laidbook ‘Stratus’
Mabanua feat Akil MC of Jurassic 5 ‘Live Show’
Mabanua ‘My Lady My Lady’
Ovall ‘Take U To Somewhere’
laidbook ‘Light My Fire’
Ovall ‘Marry (Flying Beats)’
A Tribe Called Quest ‘Find A Way’
Mabanua ‘Done Already’
Cibo Matto ‘Know Your Chicken’
Mount Mocha Kilimanjaro ‘Sweet Las Coke’
Mount Mocha Kilimanjaro ‘Caught in the Middle’
Towa Tei feat. Miho Hatori – ‘Out of my Addiction’
45 feat Amphibious Underground + Youngs ‘Right Now’
45 feat Marcus Nealy ‘Big Man Hunting’
Mount Mocha Kilimanjaro ‘Theme of Kilimanjaro’
45 aka SWING-O ‘Sweet Sweat pt 2’
Thirdiq ‘Yellow’
Towa Tei feat Miho Hatori ‘Mind Wall’
Cibo Matto – ‘Vamos a la Playa’

Recorded live at Cafe Lounge, Sydney, on 19 April 2011.


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