Video: Ori Moto X Hornsby Shire Council

Watch: live mural painting with an exclusive music set by electronic-me (aka Ori Moto).

I was asked by longtime collaborators, director & producer Mim Phillipson and video creator AUTO64, to provide a soundtrack of original music from my electronic project, Ori Moto, for a one-hour live mural painting for Hornsby Shire Council in Sydney.

Episode trailer:

This episode is part of the Waste Matters Mural series, in which artists Scott Nagy and Krimsone paint Hornsby Shire Council‘s Community Recycling Centre in Thornleigh.

Produced by Mim Phillipson
Video by AUTO64
Painting by Scott Nagy and Krimsone
Music by Ori Moto (aka Raymond Wassef)

Full one hour episode:

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