Listen: ‘Inspiraydo’ Spotify Playlist

A private playlist I’ve been adding to for years – and now I share it with you.

Between the hellish landscape we all currently share, and my own personal bombardments in the last few months that have, among other impacts, forced me to move house amidst less-than-ideal timing and conditions, I’ve been listening to music curated by past-me.

I only recently rediscovered this playlist, which I started years ago, ostensibly to inspire writing the next album for my band – I have no idea when or even if that will happen, but the playlist itself has been… comforting, i guess? There’s certainly a lot of “Ooh, and I like this track too!” before remembering that, well, duh, I selected them all. Anyways: I’ve been enjoying it – maybe others will too, so here it is:

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