News: Farewell, Australia

I’m bidding Australia farewell and heading overseas… very soon.

The time has come for me to get my self and my wares elsewheres for a while – perhaps for weeks, perhaps for years.

Here’s the plan…

I’ve mentioned this at recent shows and on Twitter, so this may not be news for some of you, and for me personally this move has been a long time coming.

After the The Ray Mann Three’s wonderful first visit to Japan this past May, and national tours with international icons Rev. Al Green and Tori Amos, I’ve decided it’s time to try my luck and take my music out into the world.

First stop: Berlin. Beyond that, I have no set plan, and no idea if this will even work – I may be back in a few weeks, or a few years, depending on how it goes.

Before I leave, I’m playing one big “Farewell, Australia” show with The Ray Mann Three in Sydney next month. I wish I could play more shows around the country to say “see ya” in person, but time and money are limited when you’re packing up your life ~ and recording new music at the same time…

Yes, new music – finally! I’m hard at work recording a whole bunch of new tunes that I’ll be releasing digitally throughout 2011. Again, would love to tour before I leave, but I’m deep in this writing and recording frenzy (the process itself has been really interesting, I’ll tell you about it someday soon…).

While I’m travelling around, I’ll also be living right here on the web, dishing out new goodies on the regular:

See you soon, right here.


3 Replies to “News: Farewell, Australia”

  1. Deborah: thank you, and yes they are pretty amazing ~ but it’s time for the next phase…
    Annette: the well-wishing is much-appreciated ~ hopefully I’ll have things in Europe to announce real soon

  2. I stumbled on RMTHREE a few years back, purely by accident …. What a treat it was……. All the best with your adventures, see you in a few years. You are leaving two stupendous musicians here …. Two out of three ain’t bad. Cheers- deborrah

  3. So proud and pleased for you. Am in Europe and I look forward to following your ventures with a keen ear. Best of luck and may the music and your heart guide you!

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