Gigs: Ray Mann @ Jurassic Lounge ~ Sydney

Sydney’s newest (and “oldest”) night spot, Jurassic Lounge, has been going off at the Australian Museum (a venue which recently also hosted my 15 neon seconds of fame during Sydney Festival 2011). I’m playing a cheeky acoustic set or three in the Skeleton Room this Tuesday 8 February – full details at

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  1. I am just writing to say thank you for Tuesday night.
    I was the one that ended up dancing to your music and it was very enjoyable, and a magic moment.
    I find it amazing because it had been years since I last saw that friend that ended up asking me for the dance, it was a “spur of the moment” thing with all its improvisation.
    We met at the night talk and ended up dancing at the skeleton lounge!
    It was specially nice when you changed the pace of the music.

    Dancers are always inspired by good music and talented musicians, by soft lights and a special atmosphere.
    Your music is great and your voice inspiring.

    Hope you have a great trip and lots of well deserved success!

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