Profile: Ray Mann in Vice Digital

Profile for Vice Digital’s Berlin magazine about the past, present and future inside the head of one Ray Mann.

20-year-old Ray thought a lot about time travel…

In this profile on Electru / Vice Digital, interviewer and photographer Helen Hecker asks some intimate questions and elicits some surprisingly (for me, at least) personal answers about what’s to come, and what’s come before, in my art and in my head.

Being in front of the camera is one of my least favourite things (which is particularly at-odds with my persistent efforts to be a rock star), and I rarely open up about my works-in-progress (in my music or my personal life), so it speaks volumes of Helen’s talents, as both photographer and interviewer, that I am so proud to share this piece.

In the profile, I also talk about my new electronic project, Ori Moto (which if you aren’t already following, why not?), and how he’s a response to the musical personae of mine that preceded him – including “Ray Mann” – because, well…

In my heart, I’m not that guy anymore.

Check out the full profile exclusively on Electru (for Vice Digital).

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