Blog 1701: Egyptians Killing Egyptians

Egypt’s Coptic churches hit by deadly blasts on Palm Sunday (9 April, 2017)

Egyptians killing Egyptians.

My relationship with my heritage has always been complicated… one of the reasons is that a culture which prioritises ritual over humanity is not one to which I can ever subscribe or want to belong. I’ve found it hard to reconcile that ancient culture, whose innovations in civilisation, communication and of course art remain some of the greatest in human history, with what it’s degenerated into only within the last century: a culture where religion is politicised, faith is a status symbol, and the people kill their own (in houses of worship, no less). The hypocrisy is staggering, the sheer stupidity horrifying – and this sub-human behaviour is unworthy of any people, least of all those descended from Pharaohs.

I won’t say “thoughts and prayers”, because I’ve shared my thoughts and I do not pray. I cannot imagine the grief of those who have lost loved ones to this barbarism and incidents like them in the past. And I won’t ever, EVER be ok with anyone killing anyone, especially not in the name of “religion”, and certainly not when the culture which breeds this behaviour is made of people who believe without intelligence, and act without humanity.

Rant over. I’ll now get back to making art, loving others, and trying to be the most intelligent, productive and progressive Egyptian human I can possibly be.

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