Gigs: December in Berlin

Keep warm this month with this guy – by an Ofen, up in a Baumhaus…

What: Headphones Concert: Ray Mann (solo / electronic) + Mary May (singer / guitar)
When: Fri 02.12.2016, 20:00
Where: Ofen Bar, Neukölln

What: Ray Mann (Solo Acoustic)
When: Mon 05.12.2016, 20:00
Where: DasHotel, Kreuzkölln

What: Ray Mann DJ set (bounce / trillwave)
When: Sat 03.12.16, 23:00 – late
Where: Cake-Am-Schlesi, Kreuzberg

What: Ray Mann DJ set (soul / funk / disco)
When: Sunday 18 Dec, 20:30 – late
Where: Baumhaus Bar, Kreuzberg

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