Review: “The Ray Mann Three” Album

No finer way to spend a few lazy hours…

Hailing from Sydney, The Ray Mann Three’s debut album makes for smooth summer listening. Sharing similarities in name and indie/hippie look with the John Butler Trio, a number of songs, including ‘Opa Opa’, ‘Hook Me Up’, and ‘Morena’, reflect a more mellow take on the trademark Butleresque syncopations. Ray Mann (real name Raymond Wassef) has a great, soulful voice which sits nicely with the often sparse instrumentation of the band. ‘No Way No’ ups the funk-o-meter, with great backing vocals amid a message of defiance – “they ain’t the boss of me”! Closing the album is the wonderfully laid-back ‘Night With You’. Those who like The Cat Empire, or 1990s Sydney act Skunkhour will find a similar groove here. The album is way too short at 37 minutes, but stands up nicely to high rotation – a good thing now that the lazy heat of summer is upon us. A deck chair, cold beer/icy cocktail, cool breeze, and the Ray Mann Three cranked up on your stereo. No finer way to spend a few lazy hours. MGM.

The Independent Weekly Adelaide, 27.01.09

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