Gigs: DJ sets Berlin, August 2016

Hip hop / bounce / soul / afrobeat / who knows: indie soul singer/songwriter Ray Mann shares his faves in DJ booths around Brrrlin this month…

What: hip hop + future bass
When: Fri 12.08.2016, 22:00 – late
Where: Cake-am-Schlesi, Xberg

What: hip hop + soul
When: Fri 26.08.2016, 22:00 – late
Where: Cake-am-Mariannen, Kreuzkölln

What: soul + afrobeat
When: Sat 27.08.2016, 22:00 – late
Where: Walther Bar, Xberg

Also in August: this guy plays some live solo shows.

All upcoming live band, solo and DJ dates on the Gigs Page.

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