Listen: ‘Ray’s Shazamz 2016’ Spotify Playlist

A new playlist for a new year: ‘Ray’s Shazamz 2016’ Spotify playlist – full of random, unannotated tunage – begins growing now…

Who knows where I was, how I heard them, or why I tagged them (I often don’t) – but these are the tunes that, for whatever reason, caught my ear enough for me to fish out my phone, often at the expense of social interaction. Here, for your random, unnanotated listening pleasure, is every Shazam tag since the start of this year – Ray’s Shazamz 2016:

Want more? There’s also the monster playlist – all my Shazam tags ever, going back to Feb 2010 – Ray’s Shazamz, as well as my Hip Hop Faves Playlist on Spotify.

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