Listen: Ray Mann’s Pre-Three band, Kid Confucius

The music of Kid Confucius, the band in which Ray Mann used to shoot for Hendrix-level heroics on lead guitar, is now available digitally.

In a former musical life, I was part of a 7-, then 12-, then 9-, then 8-piece Sydney soul band called Kid Confucius. The band played its final show in April 2010. Now, for the first time, the band’s entire catalogue is available online.

It’s been 10 years since our debut album was released and we have almost learned to internet. We are pleased to announce that our entire back catalogue is now available digitally for you all to enjoy, discover and re-discover. We will be strolling down memory lane over the next few weeks in order to celebrate and spread the word. Feel free to reminisce with us and like and share away. emoji/hashtag/etc Cheers!

Posted by Kid Confucius on Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Fun fact #1: Kid Confucius’s second album, Stripes, features my debut as a singer-songwriter, before my first album, The Ray Mann Three:

Here’s a taste of those guitar heroics I mentioned:

Fun Fact #2: the first music video I ever made was for Kid Confucius. It was composed entirely of still photographs:

(Re)discover Kid Confucius on Rdio, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Facebook.

More viewing on the Video page and listening on the Music page.


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