Blog 1504: Schmiede15 – Art Jam in Austria

Ray Mann’s postcards from Schmiede 2015: 10 days of creating things with strangers at the annual “playground for ideas” in Hallein, Austria.

The Schmiede event is held in the old Hallein Salt Mine in Salzburg, Austria – an amazing venue which, once a year, is host to a select group of creative minds from a wide range of disciplines: game designers, machine builders, electronics designers, coders, video artists, dancers, musicians, and more.

I was invited to participate, create, collaborate, and exhibit at the 2015 event. These are my postcards – this post is a live blog, so check back for updates.

More information about Schmiede here.

Day 6 ended with an impromptu Ray Mann DJ set – my Austrian debut: a messy, late-night, beer-fuelled party set in the old salt mine in Hallein near Salzburg. You can stream the whole mess in full (though, sadly, without the vocals MC Curtis and some of the other mic-grabbing Smiths at Schmiede15). Listen with a beer (or even after a few). And yes: it was on a Tuesday…

Schmiede15 by Ray Mann on Mixcloud

Beat Battle at Schmiede15: Salzburg, Austria. We Smiths were given 5 samples, and 24 hours to make something of them. In between my overload of projects, I turned this out in an hour. I don’t usually work with samples – I tend to make things from scratch – so this was really different and fun for me. Thought I’d share. Enjoy 🙂


Below is a sneak preview of the show I’ve been working on with Juan Tobal, It Takes Two Mirrors…, which we performed on the final WerkSchau night (and which has its next iteration at our Berlin show soon after Schmiede):

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