News: ‘3 by Three Berlin’ Documentary Wins Award

Congrats to Mim Phillipson, whose debut documentary about Australian musicians living in Berlin (and which features Ray Mann) has won the 2014 SAE International Cross Media Award.

Want to know what life in Berlin is like for an expat artist? This short documentary offers a sneak peek…

3 by Three Berlin – That’s 3 artists with 3 things in common in 3×3 minutes. This documentary by Mim Phillipson centres around three young Australian artists, who all chose Berlin as their new home. But despite the similarities Ray Mann, Deepchild and Kat Frankie have very different stories to tell.

Up close and personal “3 by Three Berlin” captures the very essence of “their” Berlin with all its temptations, challenges and the emotions connected to the journey these three artists embarked on.

Check out more by director Mim Phillipson on her vimeo channel, find about more on the ‘3by Three’ documentary website, and watch the full documentary right here:

3 by Three Berlin | Mim Phillipson

3 by Three Berlin feat. Ray Mann, deepchild and Kat Frankie


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