Gigs: Ray Mann (and Three), live in August

This month, Ray Mann plays back-to-back shows, from a rooftop band show with his Three, to a street party solo electronic show…

What: The Ray Mann Three (live)
When: Fr 29.08.14, 19-20h
Where: Klunkerkranich, Berlin-Neukölln
Playing times:
15-19h DJs Phil Barbee + Valentino 45
19-20h The Ray Mann Three (live)
20-24h DJs Al Valen + Phil Barbee 
Full details here

What: Ray Mann (solo & electronic) @ The West Is Back
When: Sa 30.08.14, 19h-19.30
Where: Lützowplatz 7, Berlin-Tiergarten

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The Ray Mann Three - Babylon

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