Blog 1414: Dark Side Revisited

Things got a bit boozy and a bit emotional at a recent Dark Side Of The Moon listening party in Berlin – or at least, they did for young Ray. Here are the collected live tweets from that event, for your amusement…


The Listening Get Together is a fortnightly, vinyl-only, album appreciation event. They recently featured an album dear to my heart: Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. Things got a bit boozy and a bit emotional (one may have led to the other) and, clearly unable to contain myself, I live-tweeted my experience. At the risk of the time-capsule becoming a running theme in this blog: enjoy…


Epilogue: As Wizard Of Oz-level chance would have it, the very next night at Berlin hip-hop social BeatGeeks, one of the DJs dropped this gem:

. . .

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